About Us

About the club

Established in 2013, Indian Track Club is India's premier professional running club. Based out of Delhi NCR, the club provides world class coaching to young, aspiring and elite runners with all the requirements to reach their potential. The club's Milers Programme specifically for adult runners is another facet under the Indian Track Club banner. The club has undertaken over 3000 selection trials across the country for Youth and Elite Programmes. Indian Track Club conducts scouting trips across the country, reaching out to small villages and towns to scout for raw running talent.

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Our Philosophy

“Train hard, train smart”: The Indian track club believes in the essence of hard work and discipline in its athletes. Perosnalized & consistent training, developing and educating is a prime focus area to enable club athletes in achieving their true potential.

Our Mission

The club's mission is to win medals for India at the Olympics and World Championship level by tapping and developing the running talent in India. This includes bridging the gap between India and the global elite running community by introducing and developing a running culture. We aim to ensure that each athlete fulfills his/her potential and enjoys the sport of running.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become India's premier launchpad for running talent and being a pioneer in transforming the running culture of the country.