Milers Programme

For the first time in India, we are bringing to you the world of running, speed, endurance, strength and conditioning in a fun, social environment where you look forward to training, competing, performing, becoming fitter and healthier in a never seen before environment.

Whether you want to train for the marathon, work on your running form or lose weight the natural way, or you simply want to run, Indian Track Club is where you need to be! Have this amazing experience with us on synthetic athletic tracks where we deliver best in class, fun group and individual training with our head coach, Karan Singh and his team of coaches and also have access to the best sports medicine doctors in Delhi NCR associated with our club!

So come join us and be part of this running revolution, which aims to steer India towards an exciting era of Running - for fun, health, competition, recognition and self-achievements.

Beginner's Training: Our Beginner's Running and Weight-loss training is designed for new and novice runners. If you've been wishing you could run, but are not sure how to start, these sessions are designed for you. Your first step towards incorporating running into your fitness routine and losing weight the 'right' way begins here.

Speed & Form: If you are a professional sportsman or have been a avid sportsperson who wants to improve his/her speed, or if you are returning from any sports injury and want to get back your form, the ITC Milers programme will help redefine your running mechanics, speed and endurance to make you an overall better athlete.

Marathon Training: The ITC Milers marathon training programme is completely customized for you as an individual athlete. The coaches understand your personal goals, challenges and abilities and will design a personalized daily programme to ensure optimal performance at your next half or full marathon.

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